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Ladakh Festivals

Bhutan Festivals

Ladakh Festivals

There are many interesting and colorful festivals that are held in Ladakh, mostly at Monasteries. Every summer in July, a large festival is held at the Ladakhi home of the 14th Dalai Lama in celebration of his birthday. He sometimes attends this celebration. The Hemis Tse Chu Festival is another one that draws large crowds.

Hemis Festival

If you wish to attend one of these festivals, you can consult the calendar below to schedule your trip.

Ladakh Festival Place 2016 2017 2018
Spitok Gustor Spitok Jan 7-8 Jan 25-26 Jan 3-4
Dosmoche Leh, Likir & Diskit Monasteries Feb 22-23 Feb 24-25 Feb 13-14
Yargon Tungshak Nubra Yarma Feb12-13 Mar 2-3
Stok Guru Tseschu Stok Monastery Feb 16-17 Mar 6-7 Feb 24-25
Matho Nagrang Matho Monastery Feb 21-22 Mar 11-12 Mar 1-2

Saka Dawa

All over Ladakh May 20 Jun 9



Hemis Monastery Jul 14-15 Jul 3-4 Jul 23-24
Yuru Kabgyat (Lamayuru) Lamayuru Monastery Jul 1-2 Jun 21-22 Jun 11-12
Stongday Gustor Zangskar Jul 22-23 Jul 13-14
Zanskar Karsha Gustor Karsha Monastery Jul 31-Aug 1 Jul 21-22 Jul 11-12
Ph-Yang Tsedup (Phyang) Phyang Monastery Jul 31-Aug 1 Jul 21-22 Jul 11-12
Shachukul Gustor Shachukul Monastery Jul 21-22 Jul 11-12 Jun 30-JUL 1
Korzok Gustor (Tsomoriri Lake) Korzok Monastery Aug 5-6 Jul 26-27 Jul 15-16
Dak-Thok Tse-Chu Dakthok Monastery Aug 13-14 Aug 2-3 Jul 22-23
Sani Naro Nasjal (Zangskar) Sani Monastery, Zanskar Aug 17-18 Aug 6-7 Jul 26-27
Diskit Gustor Diskit Nubra Oct 28-29 Oct 17-18 Oct 7-8
Thikse Gustor Thikse Monastery Nov 17-18 Nov 6-7 Oct 27-28
Chemrey Angchok Chemrey Monastery Nov 27-28 Nov 16-17 Nov 5-6
Galdan Namchot All over Ladakh Dec 23 Dec 12 Dec 2
Losar All over Ladakh Dec 30 Dec 19 Dec 8

festival dancers

Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan has some of the same festivals as Ladakh, plus a few more. The festival dates and other events dates are as accurate as posiible, and are based on the lunar calendar.

Bhutan Festival Place 2017
Punaka Dromchen Punaka Dzong Mar 4-6
Punakha Tsechu Punakha Dzong Mar 7-9
Chorten Kora Trashi Yangtse Mar 12 & Mar 28
Gom Kora Tashigang Apr 4-6
Paro Festival Paro Apr 7-11
Ura Festival Bumthang May 7-10
Nimalung Festival Bumthang Jul 1-3
Kurjey Festival Bumthang Jul 3
Wangdi Festival Wangdi Phodrang Sep 28-30
Thimphu Drupchen Thimphu Sep 29
Tamshingphala Choepa Bumthang Sep 29-Oct 1
Thimphu Festival Thimphu Sep 30-Oct 2
Gangtey Tsechu Wangdi Phodrang Oct 3-5
Thangbi Mani Bumthang Oct 4-6
Jakar Tsechu Bumthang Oct 29-31
Jambay Lhakhang Drup Bumthang Nov 3-6
Prakar Festival Bumthang Nov 5-6
Mongar Festival Mongar Nov 26-28
Trashigang Festival Trashigang Nov 27-29
Nalakhar Festival Bumthang Dec 3-5
Trongsa Festival Trongsa Dec 26-28
Lhuntse Tsechu Lhuntse Dec 26-28

Bhutan Tsechu

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